All across Hampshire there are a number of fantastic social walks that happen weekly, and there is always opportunities to start up more. In addition, we are lucky to have excellent parks and quiet residential areas to walk in, whether you are walking as part of a group, with family or friends, by yourself, or as part of the school run.

This section of the My Journey website includes information and resources for you to:

  • Find places to walk in Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire
  • Learn more about how walking can change your life
  • Join our local programme of led walks, or find another group
  • Volunteer and share your enthusiasm for walking
  • Find ways to fit walking into your life in a way that suits you
Walking Opportunities
Walking in Hampshire is are fun, free and friendly, and walkers are invited to join for a cuppa and a chat after the walk. A great way to get active...
Think you don’t have time to walk? It's easier than you think to add some steps into your daily routine - and the more often you do it, the more...
Where to walk
There's a wealth of research that shows that walking is good for you and the results are impressive. Building walking into your daily routine can...
Why walk?
Feel better Walking helps you to feel better by releasing endorphins in your brain. It can also help you to de-stress. Walking by yourself is a great...

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